K-pop Journaling

K-pop Journaling

Lately, many journaling enthusiasts have been excited to share their K-pop journals online. For some who are new to K-pop journaling, they have been asking how this should be done. Personally, I don’t think there is any part and parcel of how a K-pop spread should look like. It really depends on your personal style.

Back in April and May of this year, I created my journaling with mostly K-pop content. This was partly because April is my birthday month, but also there were many special events during April and May which I had the chance to be a part of. The journal is in digital form and ready to be printed as a small book. Here are some of the pages:

My spreads are very different from what I have seen online. I didn’t write any lyrics of songs or any playlist. I didn’t give general information about the artists either. I just think that it is very important to have a personal touch on these spreads and in every spread in general. Think about what happened to you that day, what was special about it, what did you like about it? One thing that I recorded here are the events that I actually participated in and how I felt about them. This will surely remind me of those moments in many years to come!

But in the end, this is all just for fun and a good distraction to the ongoing pandemic… How is your K-pop journaling going? Let me know!

How I make my stickers

How I make my stickers

As mentioned in my previous post, choosing stickers nowadays had become more and more difficult as there are many available stickers out there. My solution was to make them myself! It’s a fun process that I truly enjoy and I found it very relaxing.

Lately, I have lots of inquires about how to make stickers. The simplest way for me was to draw on an A4 paper then make copies on a sticker paper. I did this a few years ago but haven’t done this now. It worked and it was very convenient. However, for my process now, I draw on my iPad using an Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

I created these seven animal characters then combined them together on an A4 size canvas on Procreate.

Since my iPad doesn’t give me the option to print photo on a photo paper, I print from my computer.

I’m using an A4 size printable glossy vinyl sticker paper which is waterproof for Inkjet printer.

My printer is an Epson ET-2650. It is important to have the correct setting to print it right.

The next process is the fun process of cutting. I don’t have any of those fancy cutters so I’m cutting them by hand. Just put the music on and start cutting away while planning for what to draw next for the next set of stickers!

And there they are! I think they are so cute! I also hope this blog post answered your questions.

I’m also selling downloadable stickers ready for printing here!

All photos by Ari Vitikainen @ https://www.arivitikainenphotography.com



I have been a sticker fan since I was a child. I still am but with the wide variety of stickers available in the market, it has been difficult to have a personal preference. My profession also allows me to create stickers myself which is very convenient and to be honest, they are not really difficult to produce.

However, I have struggled with printing. Just because I don’t have the right paper. I have been printing on label papers which is wrong, very wrong! So today, I ordered vinyl glossy sticker papers which are also waterproof. I’m really exciting! I have something to look forward to…

Although, I have been selling and have sold stickers on Redbubble, yesterday, I wanted to design stickers for bullet journaling. I’m making them available for download on the links below for personal use. If you ever use them, please share how you made used of them. That would really be nice. Thanks!

I’ve been receiving suggestions on what to include in my designs. Thanks so much! I’m open to more suggestions and I’m really looking forward to get on with illustrating them. So more stickers to come!

I’m also selling printable stickers here. Please have a check!

Birthday spread

Birthday spread

I remember my birthday last year. Spring came to Helsinki and it was my very first birthday COVID style. But this year, I’m talking about birthday spread. No, it’s not about the food spread on the table. But about my birthday journal spread. I’m happy how they came out. I made my spread in two parts: the birthday week and the birthday day itself.

Well, happy birthday to me! Will next year be COVID free? I hope!

April is here!

April is here!

April is here and Spring arrived in Helsinki too. The roads have been cleaned and soon we can enjoy the beautiful Cherry blossoms. April is also my birthday month!

Here are my spreads for April’s bullet journal created digitally. I enjoyed making these and I’m sure more elements will be added to these pages. I’m also in the process of creating more digital washi tapes and digital stickers that I would love to share here as downloads.

If you like to download these spreads, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will make them available. Have a wonderful April!

Traveling through illustrations

Traveling through illustrations

Remember that time when traveling is possible? Here is my travel journal from June 2019. It was fun looking back on that time when traveling seems to have become a possibility for more and more people. But then you know how the story goes…

After June 2019, I created my travel journals digitally. This one was about Iceland from October 2019. This was published on They Draw and Travel.

My last holiday trip abroad was in London in November 2019 which I journaled as a boarding pass and as a part of a small book project.

I continue working on illustrating my past travels and will be posting them in the coming days. I hope you’ll do the same too. Creating travel journals has a way to bring you back to those happy memories.

Journaling – Analog or digital?

Journaling – Analog or digital?

Just a few of my sketchbooks

One important question that I have encountered many times over the last few days is whether journaling should be done on paper or on a tablet. I think there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Myself, I have been journaling on sketchbooks for some years now. I’m a stationery crazy since I was a child and I own a cart of pens, coloured pencils, different brands of watercolours, gouache, arcyrlic paints, you name it! I’m also an affiliate of Stationery Pal. You can use code ELAINE10 for 10% off. And the code ELAINE for 10% off on Kawaii Pen shop.

However, this year 2021, I wanted to try something new. Since I use an iPad, an apple pen and Procreate for my work, I wanted to recreate a journal on my iPad with digital stickers and washi tapes. I found the process very enjoyable. It was also fun drawing the stickers I like and imitating how a washi tape would look like in a digital form. Digitally, I can move things around and it’s easy to correct mistakes. It’s also a faster process and I’m always happy with how the page turns out. Here is a post about it written at the beginning of the year. You can also download a simple template from this post.

In the end of each month, I print out the monthly journal. My plan is to have these pages printed as a book by the end of the year. There is my April spread.

Any thoughts on whether a journal should be analog or digital? Let me know!