Journaling – Analog or digital?

Journaling – Analog or digital?

Just a few of my sketchbooks

One important question that I have encountered many times over the last few days is whether journaling should be done on paper or on a tablet. I think there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Myself, I have been journaling on sketchbooks for some years now. I’m a stationery crazy since I was a child and I own a cart of pens, coloured pencils, different brands of watercolours, gouache, arcyrlic paints, you name it! I’m also an affiliate of Stationery Pal. You can use code ELAINE10 for 10% off. And the code ELAINE for 10% off on Kawaii Pen shop.

However, this year 2021, I wanted to try something new. Since I use an iPad, an apple pen and Procreate for my work, I wanted to recreate a journal on my iPad with digital stickers and washi tapes. I found the process very enjoyable. It was also fun drawing the stickers I like and imitating how a washi tape would look like in a digital form. Digitally, I can move things around and it’s easy to correct mistakes. It’s also a faster process and I’m always happy with how the page turns out. Here is a post about it written at the beginning of the year. You can also download a simple template from this post.

In the end of each month, I print out the monthly journal. My plan is to have these pages printed as a book by the end of the year. There is my April spread.

Any thoughts on whether a journal should be analog or digital? Let me know!