Venice Scrapbook

Venice Scrapbook

I’m really happy to have returned from a holiday in Venice and being able to immediately scrapbook my travel. This was my first time ever! As mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve collected all kinds of things from my travels but didn’t really know what to do about them up until now…

Next step is to create my travel journal as I was not able to make it on the go. I didn’t have the time during the trip and also, it was so hot to be drawing outside. Yes, the temperature reached to 37C! So it was a relief to return to Helsinki and enjoy a cooler weather.

Here is my travel journal from pre COVID. Hopefully, I can fill another sketchbook.

What do you do with the paper items you collect during a trip? Please let me know!

5 thoughts on “Venice Scrapbook

  1. Oh wow, those look pretty good. I should keep an illustrated journal for sure, as bad as I am with visuals. I used to keep paper items like tickets to remind me of my travels, but I haven’t travelled for a long while, and that’s why I live vicariously through posts like yours. Thanks for sharing!

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