July – what a July!

July – what a July!

After returning from a family trip in Canada, I was basically just preparing three classes on Skillshare. It was tough. I thought that this is it. I will never make another class again! Although, I always think such things every time I’m in the process of making a class… 🙂

So I was really happy to have finished the month of July with three classes on Skillshare. Here they are:

Check out the class here
Check out the class here
Check out the class here

In the midst of this, I took a week off and went to Venice. It was in Venice when I received the news from Skillshare that my sticker class was given an award as an outstanding class. I was really really happy to be acknowledged this way. I felt my effort was worth it.

Coming home from holiday, I put together a Venice scrapbook and over the weekend, I designed 18 Kawaii food stickers that I will be printing out, cutting away and selling soon. I’m so excited and I really think they are so cute. But also, this is in preparation for another class on Skillshare that I will publish in September. I’m so excited!

Coming in September

So now I’m asking, “Is the summer getting over?” I can feel the air is getting cooler and of course, August is here. And in this first day of August, new ideas coming my way. I’ll let you know soon. Have a wonderful August and thank you for journeying with me!

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