About EV

Wherever you are in your visual journey, welcome to my website. Let’s inspire each other!

I’m Elaine Vitikainen, a Visual Practitioner and Entrepreneur from Helsinki.

What I Do

Creative facilitation that incorporates the practical and effective use of visuals

Capturing conversations through visuals for participants to absorb the content on a visual level, leading to a visual map of key insights

Support communication processes by placing organisational communication into visual context

Illustrate for the International Development field

Conduct Facilitation and Visualisation workshops (Live and Online)

Create surface pattern design for placement prints and repeat patterns

Font creation

Sticker making

Teaching and member of Teach Corps on Skillshare

I created this website to give you an idea of what EV Visuals does in the world of visualisation. In short, what is visualisation, what can visuals do, what are the different types of visuals and how can we be more visual people. But above all, my mission is to inspire people to allow themselves to be creative when they think that they are not creative at all! This website is also a revamp of the EV Facilitation and Visuals website as told here.

You can also find me at elainevitikainen.com.

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