Creating stickers

Creating stickers

I’m very excited to start working on my next Skillshare class on designing a Weekly Spread template on Procreate. For this class, I’ve created stickers for students to get started with designing their projects. I really enjoy creating these stickers. I hope you will look forward to the class. Meanwhile if you haven’t already, please check out my previous class on how to design your own Monthly Spread template using Procreate here. Have a great week!

Printable stickers available here!

I finally bought it!

I finally bought it!

I took the plunge and finally bought a Cricut Joy! My greatest fear was my weakness in following instructions. I don’t want overly technical stuff and my brain shuts when I hear numbers. I decided to get the Cricut Joy because what if I don’t get to use it. But here I am making the most of it and I’m really enjoying it. I’m quite surprise myself! 🙂

My first try!
My second try!
And now let’s try a more complicated design!

The Cricut Joy doesn’t do print and cut. So there is a hack that I learned to go around it, realising my mistakes along the way. But getting there and happy about it. Can’t wait to finally start selling my sticker designs!

Do you have a sticker cutting machine? What do you use it for? Are you happy about it?

How I make my stickers

How I make my stickers

As mentioned in my previous post, choosing stickers nowadays had become more and more difficult as there are many available stickers out there. My solution was to make them myself! It’s a fun process that I truly enjoy and I found it very relaxing.

Lately, I have lots of inquires about how to make stickers. The simplest way for me was to draw on an A4 paper then make copies on a sticker paper. I did this a few years ago but haven’t done this now. It worked and it was very convenient. However, for my process now, I draw on my iPad using an Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

I created these seven animal characters then combined them together on an A4 size canvas on Procreate.

Since my iPad doesn’t give me the option to print photo on a photo paper, I print from my computer.

I’m using an A4 size printable glossy vinyl sticker paper which is waterproof for Inkjet printer.

My printer is an Epson ET-2650. It is important to have the correct setting to print it right.

The next process is the fun process of cutting. I don’t have any of those fancy cutters so I’m cutting them by hand. Just put the music on and start cutting away while planning for what to draw next for the next set of stickers!

And there they are! I think they are so cute! I also hope this blog post answered your questions.

I’m also selling downloadable stickers ready for printing here!

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I have been a sticker fan since I was a child. I still am but with the wide variety of stickers available in the market, it has been difficult to have a personal preference. My profession also allows me to create stickers myself which is very convenient and to be honest, they are not really difficult to produce.

However, I have struggled with printing. Just because I don’t have the right paper. I have been printing on label papers which is wrong, very wrong! So today, I ordered vinyl glossy sticker papers which are also waterproof. I’m really exciting! I have something to look forward to…

Although, I have been selling and have sold stickers on Redbubble, yesterday, I wanted to design stickers for bullet journaling. I’m making them available for download on the links below for personal use. If you ever use them, please share how you made used of them. That would really be nice. Thanks!

I’ve been receiving suggestions on what to include in my designs. Thanks so much! I’m open to more suggestions and I’m really looking forward to get on with illustrating them. So more stickers to come!

I’m also selling printable stickers here. Please have a check!