I finally bought it!

I finally bought it!

I took the plunge and finally bought a Cricut Joy! My greatest fear was my weakness in following instructions. I don’t want overly technical stuff and my brain shuts when I hear numbers. I decided to get the Cricut Joy because what if I don’t get to use it. But here I am making the most of it and I’m really enjoying it. I’m quite surprise myself! 🙂

My first try!
My second try!
And now let’s try a more complicated design!

The Cricut Joy doesn’t do print and cut. So there is a hack that I learned to go around it, realising my mistakes along the way. But getting there and happy about it. Can’t wait to finally start selling my sticker designs!

Do you have a sticker cutting machine? What do you use it for? Are you happy about it?

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