Creating Die-cut stickers

Creating Die-cut stickers

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally published a follow-up class on making stickers on the Cricut Joy. This time it’s about making die-cut stickers. The stickers that we will be designing will be Kawaii snacks. We will design our stickers on Procreate then send them to the Cricut Design Space to have them printed and cut on the Cricut Joy. But of course, if you don’t have a Cricut Joy yet, you can always follow this class and cut your stickers by hand. Please check out the class here:

While I was creating this class, I also got some cute materials from the craft store and started making these Kawaii earrings. They are nothing precious but I really find the process so relaxing. If you are following me on Skillshare, I’ll be happy to send out a pair to you when you have joined my class and left a review. I only have 10 pairs to share. So I’m just sending to 10 students. Contact me if you think you should get one. Thanks!

Have a great weekend to you and Autumn greetings from Helsinki!

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