The year that was…

The year that was…

My December illustrated journal and thankful thoughts for 2020

2019 was one of the best years of my life. It was the year when I decided to be a full time visual practitioner, establishing my own business in the beginning of February. It was a year full of hope and many wonderful things happened that year. I upgraded my iPad and mastered it. In a couple of months, I created more than a hundred illustrations. I joined the European Visual Practitioners’ community and became a part of the core team. Two of the highlights for that year were facilitating a visualisation workshop in the Philippines and co-facilitating a leadership retreat in Sweden. And of course, there were exciting plans for the coming year. However, 2020 didn’t perform as expected. I realised during my review of the year that I was very much affected by the pandemic.

Well, 2020 ended. Thank God! Although, I can’t honestly say that I’m full of hope for 2021, that things will get back to normal, that we will take back our lives, there are things that I’m looking forward to. As we have been creating a new normal over the past months, I would like for this new normal to be simply the normal. It will be a new thing that springs up and becomes alive. There is hope and I’m actually looking forward to what 2021 will bring. But to be fair, whatever good things that will happen in 2021 are founded on the experiences of 2020. Having created illustrations that went viral and inspired many; being able to feel so satisfied and happy with a visual recording; and being able to sell designs online are just a few of the experiences that will solidify 2021.

How was your year 2020? What are your hopes for 2021? May 2021 be better that the year that was!

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