Illustrated planner

Illustrated planner

A monthly planner is always a good thing. It keeps us organised and helps us see what the month has in-stored for us. Moreover, a planner allows us to monitor where we are at. But most importantly, it gives us control and let us manage expectations better. I can clearly see when I’m trying to overwork myself and try to cut down on some tasks. This helps minimize frustrations.

I like to keep an illustrated planner. I created it digitally on my iPad but this can also be printed and pin on my board. I can then continue working on it by hand. With this planner is an actual calendar where I can be more specific when a task needs to be done. An additional explanation on what a task entails is also important. Personally, I find an illustrated planner more fun and engaging. It somehow makes my month lighter and more manageable.

Have you started your own illustrated planner yet? If you like more tips in creating one, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here is a template to help you get started. Just add the month and the calendar for that month. You can also include anything your heart desires to make it your very own. Have fun!

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