And so I draw more…

And so I draw more…

I always wanted to draw. I remember as a child, we had a big blackboard (the green one!) at home. My niece, who was three years younger than me, and I used to draw girls on the board. We enjoyed designing their clothes. I also enjoyed drawing clothes for my paper dolls. I looked for every inspiration from the television, drawing carefully and as much detail. I was around 6 years old.

But like every other wise Asian parents would say, drawing is not a proper profession. I should not stray away from the mainstream. By then I don’t remember drawing anything aside from a visual interpretation of a poem in high school where I drew a farmer plowing the field full of rice stalks. I had no idea! And then in dental school where we had to draw and learn by heart the dental anatomy. I was also told once when I drew a birthday card that why draw a card when there is hallmark!

And that was it – some sporadic moments when I had to draw. Other than that, I drew nothing until that day when I wanted to draw. This happened when Ari gave me an iPad mini 2 on my birthday in April 2014. I started drawing with a cheap stylus then later my niece in Canada gifted me a Pencil53. Then I just drew everyday. I have this idea that if I have learned to read and write, I can also learn to draw. Drawing became a way for me to relax. And it was fun to be featured by Paper53 on their web page. I was featured three times!

So while others say they have been drawing since the first time they held a pen (which I think we all did), I can honestly say I learned to draw later in life. Most of the time, I still think I don’t really know how to draw. I still believe I’m bad at it. And so I draw some more!

How is your drawing journey? I really want to know!

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