The postman saved the day!

The postman saved the day!

Looking forward to something keeps me going. Whether it is about a cool new project, a consultancy work, a training, travels or even to be sat at a charming café. This year, most of this looking forward to has been stamped out. There were barely any consultancy work or giving trainings for they mostly include travels and gathering of people. Even those relaxing moments at cafés became a source of uneasiness as thoughts wander off from laze to haze.

However, one person who hasn’t failed is the postman and the friends behind the mails. It’s always a joy to receive something from the postman (except for bills!) whether it’s a handwritten letter, a postcard, hand-drawn cards or adorable gifts. They sure light up the day!

Lately, I have been interested in recreating a childhood craze – stationery collecting. But this time, I made these stationeries myself. Please feel free to download them here, print them out and write someone a “real” letter. A handwritten letter will not fail to bring a smile to someone’s face. And it’s not actually corny! 🙂

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