Digital journaling on paper?

Digital journaling on paper?

After some years of journaling merely on paper, last year I started journaling both on paper and digitally. I really enjoyed it! Here is a look through the year. I also created a K-PoP journal for the months of April and May which includes a birthday spread that was later printed out as a small book.

This year, I decided to combine them both. I’ve created monthly templates for the whole year and have them printed out as an A5 journal. I really enjoyed the process of designing these templates. I worked on Procreate App to make unique templates that fit my needs and to include elements that I like to make it my very own.

Here is a quick guide to my journal elements:

At the moment, I’m in the process of planning a class on Skillshare on how to create a monthly bullet journal template on Procreate to be published this month. In this class, I will also share with the students some of my stamp brushes to decorate their journals, the link to the fonts that I’ve created, a file with all the months of the year and a yearly calendar. Please look forward to it. Many thanks!

UPDATE: This class has now been published. Please have a check here. Thanks!

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