K-pop Journaling

K-pop Journaling

Lately, many journaling enthusiasts have been excited to share their K-pop journals online. For some who are new to K-pop journaling, they have been asking how this should be done. Personally, I don’t think there is any part and parcel of how a K-pop spread should look like. It really depends on your personal style.

Back in April and May of this year, I created my journaling with mostly K-pop content. This was partly because April is my birthday month, but also there were many special events during April and May which I had the chance to be a part of. The journal is in digital form and ready to be printed as a small book. Here are some of the pages:

My spreads are very different from what I have seen online. I didn’t write any lyrics of songs or any playlist. I didn’t give general information about the artists either. I just think that it is very important to have a personal touch on these spreads and in every spread in general. Think about what happened to you that day, what was special about it, what did you like about it? One thing that I recorded here are the events that I actually participated in and how I felt about them. This will surely remind me of those moments in many years to come!

But in the end, this is all just for fun and a good distraction to the ongoing pandemic… How is your K-pop journaling going? Let me know!

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