This moment is all there is!

This moment is all there is!

“This moment is all there is.”

― Rumi

If you know Lenny Kravitz, you might be familiar with his song, This Moment Is All There is. This song is quite an anthem for me as I consider time and each passing moment. It’s not a sad song but in contrast it’s a reminder that you can’t regain time. A lost moment is a lost moment. So that’s why I always say to myself, ‘Don’t buy, use what you already have!’ This has been a year in and year out reminder. And I think I’m getting better at it.

My year started by getting all my art supplies out there and just start using them. Pens, paints, brushes, sketchbooks, papers, canvases, art book exercises… all of them! I’m not waiting to get better at art to start using them. I’ve stop thinking that there will be a better time to use them. Because to be honest, that time will never come. The moment that we have now is all there is!

So gather all your art supples and let’s start creating art. Because if you didn’t do it now, you didn’t do it at all. There is no better time that this time!