Creating Mandalas

Creating Mandalas

For a month in 2015, I created 50 mandalas. The process was nothing religious in nature. But just something that I thought would be nice for people to colour in, as we all know adult colouring books were the thing that time. I had them uploaded on Pinterest and they were repinned many many many times over. Someone even created a colouring book with my mandalas.

But now when I think about it, the process was actually quite freeing for me artistically. I remember gathering all kinds and sizes of round objects (some from the kitchen!) to create these mandalas. The process was freeing as I got to allow myself to just experiment with the designs without really putting much thought and energy into it. I really thought that it was a good way to just let go of that feeling that I can’t draw, but then coming up with 50 different designs.

I didn’t know Procreate at that time. I didn’t know about its ability to create a quadrant symmetry! But as I quickly recreated my mandalas in Procreate, I thought it was quite relaxing. So now if I want to just relax through drawing, I will continue to recreate these mandalas on Procreate. At least, they will not be as wiggle as they were on paper!

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