After all, it was a good year!

They say that COVID-19 will eventually come to an end. In my mind I kept asking when. Sadly, it is becoming normal for me. Wearing mask in public, washing and sanitising hands like crazy, careful what I touch, avoiding people, avoiding crowd seem to have become my standard way of living. I have learned to navigate and live with it and hoping that I won’t be infected. I don’t live in paranoia. I try to live as usual. But there are many exceptions to this, for example, I can’t just work on live settings or travel easily. But those too seem to have worked out. I overcame my fear of what will 2021 be while now, it has been replaced with what will 2022 be. However, in any case, 2021 was after all a good year!

How was your 2021? I’ll be happy to know. May 2022 be better!

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