Let’s make postcards

Let’s make postcards

Where have you been? Where do you want to go? What have you seen? What do you want to see and experience?

This morning, I was reminded of how exciting it was to plan for a trip. Whether it’s for work or holiday, there is something about the process of arranging a future travel that gives me energy. For many of us, the task of organising a trip seems to be a thing of the past. Yes, it has been exactly a year when I drew this picture.

At that time, I never imagined that the pandemic will take us this long. I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel either. However, creating memories and dreams have been a wonderful part of the journey. Yesterday, I started creating postcards and made them available here. It was a fun and an energy giving process.

How are you maintaining your energy level after a year of the pandemic?

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