EV Visuals turned 2!

EV Visuals turned 2!

Today is the day EV Visuals turned 2. I remember that application day and the days and months prior to it, wondering if it was the right move. Then over the next months of being established, I still questioned my decision. But now that EV Visuals is 2, I don’t anymore think about whether it was right or not because now I’m 100% certain that it was the perfect choice for 100 and 1 reasons. I’m very happy and thankful!

A selective colour photo in celebration.

2 thoughts on “EV Visuals turned 2!

  1. Congrats!

    I find your words so encouraging. Little clouds of doubts when gone, you see bright sunshine of success.

    Thanks for sharing your part of journey.

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    1. ‘Little clouds of doubts when gone, you see bright sunshine of success’. This is beautifully said. Many thanks for your encouragement in my journey. I hope someday we will finally meet in Delhi.


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