About EV

Hi, I’m Elaine Vitikainen. I’m a Visual Practitioner based in Helsinki. What I do:

  • Creative facilitation that incorporates the practical and effective use of visuals
  • Support communication processes by placing organisational communication into visual context.
  • Illustrate for the International Development field
  • Create surface Pattern design for placement prints and repeat patterns.

My background is in Linguistics, Communication and International Development. I have a Masters degree in Communication for Development from Malmö University, Sweden and a certificate in Applied Linguistics specialised in Multi-lingual Education from Dallas International University, USA. I have over 15 years experience in organisational development and leadership based in Cambodia and Laos, and have provided consultancy support in strengthening organisations across Asia which includes countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

I created this website to give you an idea of what EV Visuals does in the world of visualisation. In short, what is visualisation, what can visuals do, what are the different types of visuals and how can we be more visual people. There are links to some of my visual works too! This website is also a revamp of the EV Facilitation and Visuals website as told here.

So wherever you are in your visual journey, welcome to my website. Let’s continue to inspire each other!